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Parent and Teacher Association

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Largs Academy has an extremely active PTA which we hope you will join.

The AGM is held in the school at the end of September each year and the main job at this meeting is to select a committee who then meet about once a month and who have responsibility for planning the calendar of PTA events for the session ahead.

The committee successfully raises a great deal of money through the popular ‘50/50’ Club. This is a monthly draw in which parents and staff stand to win up to £120.00 1st prize. All parents are eligible to join and application forms will be distributed at the P7 induction meetings.

The PTA provides valued assistance to the school in a number of ways which include fund raising and a number of school projects receive a great deal of support and assistance courtesy of the PTA. The PTA also provides school diaries for every child every year.

The main purpose of the PTA is however to foster and encourage contact between parents and teachers so that everyone who has an interest in the success of Largs Academy pupils shares a common purpose. The participation in the PTA by as many parents as possible will undoubtedly speed this process along and that
is why our membership and attendance at the AGM and at PTA functions is so much appreciated.

Notification of the AGM will be given separately to parents in early September and the PTA will normally carry announcements in Parents’ Newsletters.

In addition the PTA organises and supports up to 3 direct mailing programmes each year.

PTA Minutes:

PTA AGM Minutes 28th September 2017

PTA Minutes 30th March 2017               PTA Minutes 23rd February 2017

PTA Minutes 27th October 2016            PTA AGM Minutes 22nd Sept 2016
PTA Minutes 22nd October 2015           PTA Minutes 3rd September 2015
PTA Minutes 26th March 2015               PTA Minutes 22nd January 2015 

If you would like to participate in the '50/50' Club download the application form here.

Committee Members 2016-2017


Liz Blair


Jane Wilkinson


Joanie Duff

Parent Members

Elizabeth Sharland

  Adam Lennox
  Erica Gaddini
  Rhona Cameron


Douglas Rae

Staff Members

Nancy Lyon


Heather Burns


Alan Sturrock



The Scottish Parent Teacher Council is the national organisation for PTAs and PAs in Scotland and runs an independent help line service for all parents. You can contact them by phone/fax on 0131 226 4378, by e-mail on or write to SPTC, 53 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2HT.